Neon’s scan showed no indication of tumour re-growth, confirming he is not in immediate danger.  But the NHS remain adamant that the 6 week course of XRAY Radiation (which could cause either long term damage or even premature death), must still go ahead.   According to Human Rights lawyer – Mr. Imran Khan, the overwhelming evidence now in their possession, provides mother (Sally Roberts) with a very strong chance of winning a new appeal to halt this decision, so Neon will be free to travel to America and receive the Proton Beam Therapy.  Unfortunately Sally has been denied Legal Aid and In order to mount the appeal, she must raise at least £250,000 emergency funds, to cover legal costs and on-going treatments. She is therefore making a desperate plea to everyone (including the Natural Health community), and those who agree with her right to safeguard her son, to PLEASE MAKE A DONATION URGENTLY TODAY



  1. The Neon Roberts Appeal
  2. Full Story : AGAINST ALL ODDS : The Sally Roberts Story
  3. Letter to Prime Minister (David Cameron).
  4. Proton Beam Therapy – NHS website
  5. Read the vast list of side effects of Neon’s current treatment
  6. Read the list of less invasive and more effective Cancer treatments


  • DonDONATE-NOW-BUTTON_FBate to Save Neon Roberts
  • Please Spread the Word : We are asking everyone to please circulate this article to family, friends and social networks and encourage them to donate.
  • Add a Widget to your website : Click on ‘Embed’ to access code on Neon’s donations page.

6 thoughts on “DONATE to save Neon Roberts

  1. Sally: there are thousands of people who cured their cancers, even metastasized, late stage, etc.. I heard your interview this morning on LBC, and found it lacking in fact, stats, and figures. The fact is most chemo drugs have not been passed as safe by the FDA. Research on survival rates post chemo, does not extend past five years. WHY. I know personally of many who are cured, or in remission for 30 years having used alternative methods. See this site: http://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/ Read survivor’s stories. They all tried different approaches. I was blown by Hemp Oil. See the YT vid by Rick Simpson “Run from the Cure”, there are vids of babies, cured of brain cancer, whilst a father was dabbing the pacifier with Hemp Oil – found on national news TV USA. Read this article about how most medical research is skewed and fraudulent by a doctor, who, has a large following: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2010/11/lies-damned-lies-and-medical-science/308269/ There is another on FaceBook a professor of something, who cured her cancer, lots of info, with facts and figures. In order to be credible, you need to be informed, and present your cased based on scientific research. Get in touch with health activists in the USA, ask them if they are willing to go on talk shows here in the UK, etc.. Best wishes, and healing thoughts…

    • Thank you for your comments and information.

      As a lay person, Sally was having to process an impossible amount of information on her own; plus deal with the UK Courts and Neon’s condition. Therefore to ensure accuracy, she agreed to be interviewed by LBC, (and others, namely Sky News and Channel 5 live), on the proviso that she could bring a Natural Health / Cancer expert to support her, to answer specific questions. LBC (and the other channels all agreed to this). On the day of the interview (unbeknown to Sally), LBC contacted a medical professional, who took part in the interview via phone. Interestingly, when Sally’s expert interjected to put an important point across, the host came down hard on him and immediately blocked him from any further questions. Their medical professional (on the other hand) was given free reign throughout the interview.

      At of the interview Sally went on to Sky News, who cleverly separated her from the expert; and filmed him outside the studio. This footage was never shown. The next interview – Channel 5 live, also blocked Sally’s expert from being interview.

      Sadly all of her efforts to bring specific facts to the foreground, about Neon’s case and the natural alternatives that have been very successful in healing cancer, were unfairly blocked. This not only did a serious disservice to Sally and her son Neon; but also to other families suffering a similar plight.

      Thank you again for your input and information.

      With best regards,

      Joining Hands In Health team

  2. Dear Sally,
    Another very promising alternative treatment for brain cancer is the homeopathic remedy Ruta 6, which in a trial conducted by scientists from the University of Texas, was found to kill brain cancer cells in vitro. Details can be found on the website: http://www.moshefrenkelmd.com,
    The Indian homeopath who discovered this remedy can treat cancer, Dr Banerji, specialises in the treatment of cancer at his centre in Kolkatta, India, and has cooperated in research with doctors at the MD Anderson cancer center in Texas.
    I really hope this information helps.
    Kim Skeltys,

  3. Have a friend who husband took hemp oil internally for 60 days,CURED! But then she tels me he’s still getting radiation seeding! You know what thats all about, his hemp cure gets into their cancer stats that skews their results to make it look more successful than it ever really is.)8-I

    I had friend with brain cancer, I quickly called him & left a message about Dr Burzinski in Texas,as brain cancer it his specialty! He died last week idk what he did if anything but you know for sure the MEDICAL MAFIA was no help…

    So now Neon’s good, when where & how?

    • Dear Chillindillan,

      So happy to learn of your friends success with Hemp oil; but at the same time our sincere condolences on the incredibly sad news, regarding your other friends passing… hopefully (very soon) this will become a thing of the past.

      With regards to Sally and Neon’s progress, we hope to post an update in October.

      Many thanks for your comment and all the best.

      Joining Hands In Health team

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